Is our excellent, delicious and healthy Tempeh of bean. The best you could ever get!


What is Organic Tempeh? It is the result of the boiling bean of soy bean, and later a fermentation controlled by inoculate. It has a firm texture, and an aroma and flavor to nut. As the Tofu, this food we its offer 100% organic; without preservatives not even additives. It is also versatile at the moment of preparing it, since you can do it in any type of food.


It is a food:

  • Complete in proteins,
  • Without cholesterol (0% Cholesterol);
  • Gluten Free;
  • With a good source of iron;
  • It contains Vitamin and Lecithin;
  • With excellent source of fiber;
  • Its fermentation produces antibiotic agents, which helps to avoid infections in the consumer.


SOY-TEMPEH, also works as substitute of the animal protein; there are different types of Tempeh, all elaborated based on grains and mixtures of grains. As the Tofu, this product, appears in many books and articles as medicinal food. The better thing is that, in spite of being a “medicinal food “, it is extremely delicious.

The Tempeh mixed with other food, contributes big benefits to your health, preparing diseases, working as the powerful antirust one, promoting to the digestive health.

If you don’t know how to prepare it: DO NOT WORRY! In every SOY-TEMPEH’s package, you will find a collectible recipe, in order for you to taste the 100 % of this wonderful product.