Our Products

In Soy Boquete, S.A., we want welfare for all communities, through the use of high quality, reliable, with extremely interesting and beneficial attributes products. All of our products are offered under our brand, are friendly to the environment (vacum sealed with biodegradable bags) and to the people who acquire them.

Our products are mainly characterized as Organic. Currently in Panama, we do not have institutions that certify products as “organic”; however, the raw material (soybeans) we use in our company is certified by USDA or United States Department of Agriculture.

This means, that our products do not contain any preservative, no additives, or artificial substances to alter properties or lifes thereof.

Both, Tofu and Tempeh are 100% handmade products, elaborated in the beautiful Highlands of our country: Boquete, Chiriqui; always offered fresh to our customers.

Soy-Tofu y Tempeh por SoyBoquete