About Us

Soy Boquete S.A.

We are the first Panamanian company dedicated to elaborate artisanal products based on organic certified soybeans, specifically the Tofu and the Tempeh, in order to offer healthy products, with accessible prices for all the panamanians and habitants in general of Panama.

The idea of offering these delicious and nourishing products, is developed firstly thinking about the health of our community, thanks to the support of the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT – Secretaría Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación) as a whole with the Inter-American Bank of Development (BID – Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo).

Our Objectives

General Objective

To promote a good supply with highly healthy, nutritive and nourishing quality products.

Specific Objectives

  • To offer organic and fresh products to the general population in Panama.
  • To offer an excellent alternative to replace the animal protein.
  • To announce how our products are prepared, using ingredients that are seen in the traditional Panamanian foods.



To be the Panamanian leading company on the market of food healthy artisanal products, elaborated without additive or preservatives.

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To elaborate and commercialize products based on organic soybean, to contribute a healthy lifestyle, taking care of the environment; always with the intention of offering artisanal, fresh, great flavor and excellent quality products, to satisfy all of our clients.